Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No Where To Run

Isaiah 49: 8-12God also says: "When the time's ripe, I answer you. When victory's due, I help you.I form you and use you....

Have you ever wondered why we do things that just don’;t make a great deal of since? Is it God’s will or our will? This is an age old question that is not answered by just a brief comment or letter.
In studying this week and through conversations I have decided that it’s okay sit still for a minute or two, it’s okay to let God redirect you onto a new path. It’s very hard not to run ahead of God and start something new and exciting. I see many pieces of a great puzzle but none fit together yet. For the past few months I have been running over there and then back over here and then back to there. I am tired of running, so I am walking and listening now.

I remember a guy I grew up with at one of the homes I was in. His name was Philip Myers. If you ever went anywhere with him you had better be in shape. He always wanted to run. I remember he came over to our cottage one day and ask if we could make a trade. I said "sure, that sounds like a great deal". The only problem was, the stuff he was trading for was across campus so off we went.

The second we stepped out the door, he took off. I was a runner back in the day so it was no problem keeping up with him. In the mist of our sprint to the other side of the campus I asked "Philip, why do you run every where you go? He replied quickly "you never get anywhere in life by walking, it takes too much time. This statement I have pondered on for many years, often wondering if he is still running, or did he finally slow down and enjoy the beauty around him.

The message can be taken many ways in what he said. We can run every where we go, that can be good, but you may get tired, you may run right pass the very thing God has for you.

To live a life of victory, we need to know where to run. Once God has given us the task, take off like we did. Remember that the deal was made in the cottage and then we knew where to run, we had direction.

The deals we make with God will be on our knees, then step out, take off, run like you never have. God can keep up.

George Beasley

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