Friday, September 18, 2015

Blind Silence

Blind Silence
by George W. Beasley

Silence is deaf in the mist of great storms
All you can hear is the rumble of thunder
The voices scream death 
Your will to live is disappearing 

Where am I
Who can hear me
It’s dark in the silence

Invisible when so many are looking
All I can see is darkness
They see but they won’t help me

Where am I
Who can see me
It’s dark being unseen

There is one who can hear
There is one who can see

Where is He
He is here
What is His Name

Jesus, The Son of God
Your Redeemer 
Your Savior

He loves you
Can you see

He loves you 
Can you hear


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Shooter by George W. Beasley

Why I’ve always ask
Did he pull that trigger that day
Leaving me this way

I’m still so sad after all these years
So many tears, so many years

I often wonder from the front or side
Which way did he die

The voices were loud I know 
Why I’ve always ask

Was it mother or me
Brothers and sisters have suffered so much
The pain goes deep and the voices are loud

Daddy why did you go
Daddy I didn’t know
Why did you go

The pain before the shot must have been loud
The pain after the shot still rings now

Why, I’ve always ask
Couldn't you see
There was so much to me

I think of you as you stared into my big brown eyes
Gave me a kiss 
And said goodbye

I love you so much, even today
I blamed myself as it helped the pain
But figure out that’s not the way

Daddy, the only thing I can say
You would be so proud of me this way

I love you so much, even today


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