Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Elaine's Pain Chapter Two

Elaine and I continued in our relationship for several more months. Looking back now I can see that the arguments were never about us but about what was eating at her inside. I knew nothing about her pain, only that I carried pain in my own life.
So many years have passed, I miss Elaine from time to time. I will say if you are carrying some deep rooted pain, if you are carrying a horrific life changing event please get help. These events can lead to death and destruction. They are the events that have such a hold on you it's hard to function in the world. They are the quite secrets inside of us that never are revealed to anyone. They will kill you if you let them.
Proverbs 16 says "Guilt is banished through love and truth". Condemnation is not from God, what happened in the past doesn't have to steer your life to a tragic end. As I talked with a great friend this past weekend, speaking in truth sets free a condemning spirit, this is a spirit that will ultimately wreck your life. We have to choose to speak in love and truth, every word that comes out of our mouth should be that of truth and love.
If I knew then what I know now things may have been different. But for me I know that God made everything for a place and purpose. Every event, every word, every song, every smile, every hug and every death has a purpose.
My only regret is I can't say I'm sorry, I can't say to Elaine, I can help you, I can't say to her Jesus loves you, I can't say God wants to restore you, I can't say God has a plan for your life, I can't give a hug, I can't give a smile, I can't give a kiss, I can't even give a word of encouragement. Elaine is dead.
Do you know an Elaine? Don't be so busy in your life that you can't call her, don't be so busy you can't go to lunch with her, don't be so busy you never hear her cry for help. I never heard her!
I am forever grateful to have known Elaine. One of the greatest tragedies is the fact that she lived down by the lake for so many years and her cry's were never hear. Elaine's pain died with her. I love you Elaine.
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