Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pride & Priority

Priority & Pride

What do you know to be true in your life? What drives you to make decisions in life, is it pride or is it priority?

We all talk about the priorities of our life and how they drive our schedules and dictate our time tables, tell us when to sit and when to stand, when to go and when to come. One could say that priorities are the driving force in every decision we make. I think this is a true statement but there is a great force behind each decision we make and it’s called pride. In some ways pride enters into every decision we make and whether we like it or not, pride wins more times than we care to admit.

We are all so busy and there seems to be no time left for God. There is no time left for the things in life that really make a difference. There is no time to say I love you, no time to give a hug, no time to lend a helping hand, no time to ask a friend if they need to talk about something.

Do we really have that much going on in our lives? If we say God is in control then why do we have so much to do? Why is our schedule so jam packed with “to do” things? One answer may be pride!

I met a lady a few years ago and I think she had seven adopted children, all with special needs. I asked myself, how does she do that? How does she take care of all those children plus come out to lake for the day and have fun? I believe she was just proud to be a mom. Her pride was in her children and in doing what as she said; “God called her to do.” Lisa and I had all we could do with just two healthy girls. I believe this lady’s pride was in the right place. That’s just me looking from the outside in. Things are always not what they seem when it comes to the issue of pride.

Pride is masked very easily, it can be covered quickly with a word, it can be made invisible to everyone on the outside by counter actions of “fill ins.” That’s when we feel guilty about doing something and instead of calling it pride we mask it by “filling in” our schedules to do more good things in order to justify our former actions. You are the only one who truly knows the truth and the motive behind every choice. Is it a priority or is it pride that make you decide what choice to make?

We do a great deal of things in the name of Jesus just because of pride. When God is using us in a mighty way the test is always there to see where our pride lies. The moment we step in front of God and elevate ourselves above Him we find ourselves back where we started, sometimes starting all over again. That is pride. We should always be proud of who we are and where God has brought us from and the place we hold in the kingdom but be careful in bringing the priority of pride with you.

What roll does priority play when it comes to pride? You tell me! Is it a priority that your place in the community is noticed, is it a priority that no one ever sees you as you really are, is it a priority that people only see the “Jesus” side of you? We spend a great deal of time and energy building ourselves up to who we think we are and who God expects us to be.

How do you place pride in your life, what priority do you give it? It is your decision. You are the only one in control of your pride. To really sum this up, it’s a battle. We all battle priority and pride. The goal is to have pride and priority live together in harmony. While pride is always seeking to elevate self and dictate the priority we place in any given circumstance, the goal is to seek the kingdom of God first.

Pride grows from lack of setting God’s priorities in our lives. When we want something, pride steps in and has influence on this decision, an example of that is the statement “what will others think?” If you have to ask yourself this then pride is standing at the door and has already had an influence on your decision. Am I saying we should never care what others think? Not at all. Kingdom thinking requires us to ask God first, what does He think.

Remember that pride is controlling and is always seeking self centered attention while priority is more logical and thinking through a process to find just the right place in the mix of life’s schedule.

The outlook for priority is to seek first the kingdom of God and pride will always play a smaller role in life and not an overbearing role.

George Beasley


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