Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Credible by George W. Beasley

Credible I am not
I mean what is credibility?
Does it make me great?
Does it make me better than the poor?
Credible I am not
Poor I am
No better than a stray dog
No better than a cat with no home
It doesn't make me cry
It doesn't even make me sad
I mean, I have it all

Credible I am not
Some say but you’re a child of the King
And I agree
I would say does that make me better than thee
Credible because we talk to the best
We walk with the best
We wear the best
We live with the best
Then who perceives?
The credible?
I say that’s incredible
An incredible lie
A lie that so many live

So lets break this down
It’s not credibility to the concerned 
It’s the story of the incredible 
What story you may ask?
The only credible one

Born from a virgin
Is that credible?
No, that’s incredible 
Born with no home
Born to die
Born to sacrifice for you and I
That’s no lie

What the hell you may ask
And I say, that’s the point

Hell is real 
Credible it is
Your credibility maters there
But not here

Now you see
Credible I am not
His story is!
My story is what it is
Jacked up! 
Misdirected and misunderstood
Poor but yet rich
Full of lies of existences 
Living the dream but living the lie
The lie of credibility 

That’s why I exist
Credible not because of me
It’s because of He
Thats why I exist
Because I’m on His list
Credible I am not
But home I will be
Credible with Him 
In the end
That’s all that matters to me

 Will you be?


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