Friday, May 11, 2007

Come On Now

John 11: 38-39Then Jesus, the anger again welling up within him, arrived at the tomb. It was a simple cave in the hillside with a slab of stone laid against it. Jesus said, "Remove the stone."
The sister of the dead man, Martha, said, "Master, by this time there's a stench. He's been dead four days!"

40Jesus looked her in the eye. "Didn't I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?"

41-42Then, to the others, "Go ahead, take away the stone."

They removed the stone. Jesus raised his eyes to heaven and prayed, "Father, I'm grateful that you have listened to me. I know you always do listen, but on account of this crowd standing here I've spoken so that they might believe that you sent me."

I have really been excited about seeing what happens next in the story. As you may can tell by now I am not a "read a chapter a day" kind of guy. I will read until I see what truth the Spirit has for me, think on it, walk through it in my mind. I would like to say I think on it all day but that would be a lie. I can say I try.

These verses could be a continuation of yesterdays note on how our faith and trust in Jesus goes back and forth no matter. I mean. Jesus is standing right there and in vs 40 Martha is telling Jesus the man is going to be smelling. So I have decide to go a different route and call this one "Come On Now"

"Come On Now" these are words that I heard often as I skied this past weekend. I think it is one of those geographic statements, kind of like "believe that" or like my sweet bowling shirts.
Do you think Jesus is saying to us sometimes "Come On Now". In vs 38 Jesus made a statement "Remove the stone". Now here is God who is getting ready to raise a guy from the dead and He is "asking people to move the stone". Why is this? Not one time but twice He ask! Could He have moved it?

Look in 42-42, it was as if He had to get someone else to move it. "Come On Now"! The point is really simple here and I do believe a kingdom principle is being applied.

God loves us and want to use us. How would you liked to be the ones who move the stone? In other words "are we?" Are we doing what God ask us to do or are we just standing in front of the tomb making excuses "it’s going to smell" or "it’s too heavy" or "I’m too busy". I have a long list of why I can't move the stone when Jesus ask.

Or maybe it’s we are doing all that we can and we just need to be reminded that Jesus prays for us. They removed stone and just look at the prayer He prayed.

Lastly, don’t leave vs 40 out. Jesus looked her in the eye. "Didn't I tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?"

That’s enough...........

Jesus, I pray for all those who have need at this time. There are many amoung us. All of us seem to be in some type battle where we may need some help in moving our stone. Lord send us help when we need it and give help when we can. Lord, you ask us to just do one thing and that is believe. We believe Lord!Show us your glory.....amen

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