Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Our lives seem so perfect. We love the idea that our lives are so perfect. Our lives are perfect, right? 

It seems that this is the norm for our social culture, to be perfect, to be at the top and to be better than any of our friends and family. 

I was helping some friends move recently and we got to the big stuff. The couch had not been moved in years. It was a very large leather couch and was more than eight feet long. So far in this move everything seemed perfect, the clothes, the toys, the tables were all like new and clean. All this seemed to be indicative to how their lives were, perfect. 

Getting back to this very large couch we had to move. We had to pull the bottom cushions off the couch in order to make it lighter and more manageable as we had to turn it over to get it out the door. 

The perfect family, the perfect house and the perfect life seemly had some issues. As we peeled off the couch cushions their was so much trash, so much dirt and so much imperfection that the home owner quickly grabbed a hand held vacuum and proceeded to clean this dirt and trash from the couch, I was stunned that this was taking place right before our eyes. This seemingly perfect family was cleaning their dirt right in front of me. As if, I didn’t see them. 

To be quite honest with you I knew this family was like that, a portrait of perfection as I call them. If you were to see them you would think, “perfection”. If you look at their social media pages they would speak volumes of perfection, they would tell you they are living the perfect life and have nothing but perfect children, perfect cloths, perfect cars and perfect stuff. They are the best. A perfect family with no dirt and no trash! 

I discovered years ago we all have dirt and trash under our cushions. Go to any house in the world and you will find dirt, old stuff and trash under their couch cushions. 

We all do! So, why do we try to hide our imperfections? Why hasn’t this beautiful family figured this out? 

Could it be that the strive to be perfect has alluded them to be just that. Perfection had blinded them to their real state of being, imperfect. Blinded by pursuit of perfection. 

I believe that the strive to portray our perfect lives only leads us to lift our cushions and look at what a mess we really are. We are a mess and only by God’s grace are we who we are, just a human who is a follower of Jesus. A follower who is ok with their mess and ok with their dirt. 

A follower who knows their mess is their message and never needs to be hidden under a couch cushion. So, the next time you are helping someone move, look under their couch cushion, then look at the person. Does their life match their dirt? 

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