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And On The Seventh Day, It Ended! Part 2

And On The Seventh Day, It Ended! Part 2

 4-5 Celebrate God all day, every day. I mean, revel in him! Make it as clear as you can to all you meet that you're on their side, working with them and not against them. Help them see that the Master is about to arrive. He could show up any minute!

Philippians 4 (The Message)

The question was “What would I do if I had 30 days to live?” As discussed in part one we tend to operate on a thirty day schedule. After much research, I concluded that America runs on a thirty day clock, so to make this question as close to a reality as possible, I am asking “What would I do if I had seven days to live? Asking this has stirred great emotion in me and caused me to really think about every moment of the seven days.

For me, my life is about relationships. The question is how do I end those? How do I spend the hours on the phone and in person when there are only seven days? The people I care for the most and the relationships God has allowed me to have over the years would suddenly be ending.

Now on to the question, I can say I would not travel. I would not go any place and stand in line. I would not drive anywhere that may cause me to get into a traffic jam. I would not sit in front of a speaker wasting my time away trying to get an order right at the drive thru. I would not do anything that didn’t include the fostering and mending of a relationship.

My relationship with God, I hope would grow stronger in these seven days. To be quite honest, I am afraid I may be mad at God or somewhat cheated by God. I would rest on the promise that God says, He has gone and made a place for me in Heaven. I believe my emotions would be up and down. Just thinking about it I get emotional. Seven days! I would be excited in one way, thinking of seeing Jesus, God, Paul, Moses, David, Peter and of course Esther. I believe my emotions of missing my family would be the strongest and the most demanding. I would want my family around me twenty-four hours a day, not sleeping too much, only enough to get by.

One of my tasks would be to video myself and all my thoughts for years to come, write what God would have me to write on and be able to leave a word for my wonderful wife and the girls that God has blessed me with.

When asking this question another question came to mind. “Would God be enough during this event?”

I would want them to know that “God is enough” during this time, when at the end I am going to see Him. I would want my life to reflect that of a person that loved God and that who knew God.

It reminds me of a dear friend’s dad passing last year. As I sat there listening to the preacher at his funeral, he described James Rodgers with words like, happy, loving, respected, concerned about others, a righteous man, a giving man, a man that loved God and taught his children to love God, a man that loved others and taught his children how to love others. These words were the words I would hope someone would be able to speak about me one day.

Seeing much death in life, I saw something in this family that was different. They had a peace in them that their dad was sitting right where God had promised. They have a knowledge that, “God is enough.” That is the question here. In the midst of a loss “is God enough?”

A couple of years ago I made several promises to myself. I promised to give a word of encouragement to a person, like it was my last word. I promised to give a kiss to my daughters, like it was my last kiss. I promised every time my wife went off to work I would tell her I loved her and kiss her, like it was my last time. I promised to give a hug to a person, like it was my last time to give a hug. I promised to touch someone’s life like it was the last time they would ever see or hear a word.

There is no promise of tomorrow, there is no promise of eye sight, of hearing, of smelling or even walking tomorrow. There is no promise that we will be able to go to a person and mend a relationship, life is to short for these petty fault finding arguments. Oh, she made me mad, I don’t like the way they do that, I can’t believe he would do that, look at that, can you believe that, he’s such a selfish person, I don’t like him, I can’t stand her! These words just might go to the grave with you. Life is so short but our culture has decided we can do it tomorrow. I will go to church tomorrow. I will ask God for this tomorrow. I will mend that relationship tomorrow. I will, I will, I will. What happens if you can’t? What if tomorrow doesn’t come?

So, my last days would not be spent on some of things you expected. I will not let death have influence on my story of life, it will happen. Death has only one goal for me and that is to unite me with my maker, God! Others may not know where they will go when death occurs, that is sad but none the less a reality. You have had time after time to reconsider and to stop relying on your own physical efforts to obtain a peaceful life and realize where you are going when you die, but maybe you haven’t.

I believe we don’t put a great deal of thought into this subject of death, mostly due to its nature and by being human we think in terms of tomorrow. Will tomorrow get here? Who knows, but if it does I will be ready to go another day, not in the grind but in the joy of living and in the joy of knowing God has given me another day to make a difference here on this earth, so I had better use it wisely.

Day seven, Giving God Glory...knowing God is enough! Loving on my family and knowing they know God is enough!

George Beasley, The Invisible Soul

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